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  • pStats    - Offers hidden counters, text counters, or small graphic counters.
  • A-Counters - Free counters and web statistics plus webmasters tools.
  • - Free Invisible Hit Counter and Web analytics. Track Detailed visitor stats with lead generation, click fraud protection and ROI tracking.
  • AddFreeStats - Lets webmasters consult in real-time all their site's statistics.
  • Amazing Counters - Offers over 350 styles of free hit counters, free web site statistics, and many other options. Simple copy and paste installation.
  • Branica Web Statistics - A free counter and website statistics service. Five counter styles to choose from.
  • - Free website counters.
  • - Full real time statistics, weekly email report, and 1yr storage.
  • - Free web page hit counter for Christian webmasters. Track statistics, individual pages, groups of pages, or track your whole site. Check your up to date stats anytime.
  • Count My Page - Free website counter with real-time stats.
  • - A Java web hit counter
  • - Counter service with very detailed statistics and many options.
  • - Free visitor counter that contains no ads. There are no limits on counters or visitors.
  • FakeCounter - The world's first counter to admit that its data is faked. A free service.
  • Fast Online Users - Counter.
  • Fast Web Counter - Easy to use web counter.
  • Free Counter - Robust graphical counters for your Web Page with fun graphics, we even have an animated Bart Simpson counter with new designs on the way.
  • Free Stats - Website traffic, marketing, path and visitor profile reporting and tracking.
  • - Counter service with simple real-time statistics.r website. Includes web counter, top referrers, recent referrers and keywords.
  • Online Count - Free service showing how many active visitors are online and the countries from which they are browsing.
  • Professional Statistics - UK based website visitor tracking service. Features detailed logs and pageview plus a visitor summary.
  • Stats For Your Site - Provides a free hit counter for websites with informative information on where traffic is coming from, browser type, and IP addresses.
  • Web Counter - View website statistics, flash, system, explorer, and resolution of visitors for free.
  • Web Hit Counters - Comprehensive selection of reliable website hit and traffic counters.
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